Bec Williams


Tom Dixon

Bec Williams and Tom Dixon

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Their Story

It was a cold winter's night in 2012 when their eyes first locked across the crowded Sports Bar of the Caringbah Inn. Tom was engrossed in the Tigers match, while Bec prepared to take the stage for her karaoke debut ("One Way or Another" by Blondie, since you ask). Neither big on small talk, the pair were introduced, exchanging polite hellos before going their separate ways. It was just another Friday night, and yet... In the back of both their minds, a tiny seed had been planted...

Enter Brett: friend to Tom, cousin to Bec, and - as it would soon turn out - matchmaker extraordinaire. Flash forward a few weeks to an evening of beer pong, a strategic late night phone call, and a fateful Facebook friend request. The rest, as they say, is history.

Six and a half years, and a whole lot of adventures later, Tom proposed to Bec at the Fitzroy Falls look-out, following a romantic lunch at the Robinson pie shop. Bec was overjoyed. They currently share a home in the Illawarra where they live together with their Russian Blue fur-child, Luna. Luna is looking forward to her parents finally "making it legal".
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